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Yes, Squirting Orgasms Are Very Real

Better Still, She Can Even Solo Squirt

By Simon Corelli


It Comes Down to Trust

A lot of women will tell you that they can't orgasm let alone ejaculate or squirt during sex or foreplay, but I disagree.

If you have a partner who is willing to be open sexually, and is willing to experiment and let you try new methods of clitoral and vaginal manipulation, then I have not even a grain of doubt you can have her gushing all over you.

The old maxim, an orgasm a day keeps the doctors away is absolutely true.

Now, a lot of men think that getting a woman to squirt is probably a heck of a lot of hard work.  So why would they want to know about it?

Well, let me help to set out the truth…like most things, if you know what you are doing it is not hard at all.  And most of all why would you want to know about it? 

Because the universal law in life is that to get what you want, You MUST HELP others to get what they want first.

Once you have accomplished your task of pleasing your partner then congratulations you have built trust by pleasing and asking for nothing in return.  Believe it or not, after that is achieved, you won’t even have to ask for sex ever! 

So think about your partner first…  After that everything will be easy street for you!

What the heck is a Squirting Orgasm?

I’m certainly NOT going to bore you with academic jargon, but listen up, at the world Sexology congress in Spain, a very interesting study was presented.

This study aimed once and for all to annihilate the myth that woman only emit urine when supposedly ejaculating. They collected unknown samples from 24 women (voluntarily of course), which were either ‘ejaculation’ samples or ‘urine only’ samples, so the researchers had no idea which was which. They then used a special biochemical analyser to analyse the samples.

What they found was a highly significant difference in the samples. They were able to clearly identify separate samples, through a special protein called PSA, which is not associated with urine but is associated with prostatic tissue. The conclusion? Well, BEYOND ALL SHADOW OF A DOUBT, it is NOT ordinary urine but a mixture of fluid and a SPECIAL SUBSTANCE ONLY PRODUCED ON ORGASM.

These researchers also found that on the basis of their data, ALL women are capable of ejaculation, but the quantity and frequency and ‘subjective perception’ (their belief that they ejaculate) differs. 

What about the squirting action I see in porn?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for any adult movie lovers reading this article, but what all this information means is that what you are seeing in mainstream adult movies is urine. The actors are paid to drink lots of water before the ‘scene’ and sometimes you’ll even notice them trying to ‘go’ while making what appears to be orgasmic noises and facial expressions. 

Some ladies will even expel the urine very fast (just like we can when we urinate and we’re trying to ‘shoot’ for a distance record). They then try and pass it off for a real ejaculation and for most men watching, it really doesn’t make any difference as they can’t tell anyway. These are the same men who can’t tell their partner/s are faking it in real life.

So, if you enjoy the pornographic squirts, then please continue to enjoy them…just remember that they are not real.

The real deal is purely amazing and far better.

Your Mission

“All women have the ability to ejaculate or squirt, most just don't know how, don't want to
know how, have too many emotional barriers, or have never even considered it as possible”

I’ve got some bad news for you. The physical technique you will learn only plays a small part in getting her to squirt. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tried and tested technique and without it you’d have no chance at all, but if your lady has years of negative emotional baggage related to her self-image and sexuality, she’s going to be so uptight that there’s not a snowballs chance in hell she’s going to be able to ‘let go’ and release the tension, regardless of how perfect your technique is.

Get Rid of Mental Distractions

I’m sure you’ve seen the movie ‘The Matrix’. If you haven’t, go and rent it out today because although it has some kick-butt action, there are some very powerful personal development lessons in it. For Neo to fully realise his power, his mentor Morpheus tells him ‘Free Your Mind’. What this means is letting go of all your past limiting beliefs (in this case you helping her to release hers), in order to achieve a new paradigm, and therefore, a new result.

Your woman’s biggest barrier is mental distraction - thoughts that float into her mind, catching her in her head, and taking her away from what's going on in her body and the sensations you are giving her. As soon as she starts thinking, she is out of the moment and will lose touch with her senses and her pleasure. These thoughts may trigger feelings of shame or guilt about experiencing sexual pleasure.

She worries about how she looks, smells and tastes. She’s worried about the cellulite in her upper thighs or the slight bulge of tummy fat may be unattractive to you. She’s also wondering how long its going to take her to reach climax, and how much time you have to spend stroking, licking, and caressing her to help them get there. All of these thoughts take her out of an emotional state that you need her to be in for her to squirt. And even if she’s absolutely gorgeous and looks like a model, trust me she’s still thinking about these things.

Most Important Of All – Keep a Good Sense of Humor!

Another barrier to a woman enjoying sex and of course squirting is the thought that only "whores" enjoy sex and make noise and squirt.

A lot of women think this way and you must let your partner know that this is not even close to being true. Communicate with her. Choose an appropriate time and place to bring up the topic.

You could casually bring it up with something like ‘I bought the most amazing book on pleasing a female. Can I get your personal opinion on something?’ You’ll arouse her curiosity. Keep a close eye on her body language to see is she’s becoming receptive to talking about this with you.  

I’ve had past partners react on opposite sides of the spectrum – from telling me the exact techniques that worked on her, to being incredibly offended.

One thing for sure is if you never ask, you’ll never know. And there’s a snowballs chance in hell of you making her squirt ‘out of the blue’ without both of you committing to make it happen!

Soldier, your mission is to help her move beyond these pleasure stifling attitudes by letting her know how much you respect, admire and cherish her. Tell her often, especially when you're making love, that it thoroughly turns you on to see her let loose the passionate side of her nature.

Can She Do It Solo?

Of Course She Can – You Can Watch Too – How Cool Is That?

Now if you just want to sit back, relax and watch it happen right before your eyes, it is absolutely possible.  Once again, just arouse her curiosity by talking to her.

“Honey, I saw a really interesting article that helps women to achieve pleasure…”

And show her the following…

This could even be a great way to introduce your woman to a full body squirting orgasm so that you can share this experience with your partner when you are ready.

So ladies – when you are ready here is how:

Solo Squirt: Self - Pleasure Technique:

This exercise is for you – the woman - to get comfortable touching and stimulating yourself, and bringing yourself to ejaculation.

Leave about 45 minutes to an hour. You don’t need much – gather some lube, a couple of towels, and a small hand mirror.

You may want to pee before starting, so that later during the exercise, you know you are not peeing, you are ejaculating! During the exercise, feel free to use the small hand mirror to see what you look like touching yourself and ejaculating – it is not something you often get to view!

The 9 Steps to Solo Squirting Orgasms

1.        Take a hot shower or bath, and get really relaxed and comfortable.

2.        Set yourself up in a cozy and comfortable location, with your towels underneath you, several layers thick. You will likely want to be reclining or sitting up – lying down on your back will probably not allow you to reach your g-spot.

3.        Begin to touch yourself, using your fingers - any and all of your favorite techniques to get yourself really hot. You can touch your clitoris, as well as your g-spot.

4.        When you are pretty aroused, take a moment to find and play with your g spot. Reaching your g-spot with just your fingers might be hard – it depends on where yours is exactly…

Soldier, should you wish to achieve Squirting Success, your full mission debrief can be found at


To your Squirting Success


Simon Corelli


Simon Corelli is the best selling author on the practical step by step training program for helping normal men and women around the world to achieve full body squirting orgasms as a way to help couples become closer in their relationships. 

Simon also instructs women on how to achieve solo squirting orgasms in the comfort and privacy of your own home through his full practical training program.  Simon’s program Squirting Secrets Revealed is designed to communicate to you in practical step by step easy to understand format.  The training program consists of books, step by step pictorial, step by step audio and video learning materials.


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